[sane-devel] typedef int SANE_Word, etc

ABC abc at telekom.ru
Wed Dec 3 01:53:24 UTC 2008

Btw, what the point of having these typedefs?
(Besides obscurity and advertising of course).

> typedef unsigned char  SANE_Byte;
> typedef int  SANE_Word;
> typedef SANE_Word  SANE_Bool;
> typedef SANE_Word  SANE_Int;
> typedef char SANE_Char;
> typedef SANE_Char *SANE_String;
> typedef const SANE_Char *SANE_String_Const;
> typedef void *SANE_Handle;
> typedef SANE_Word SANE_Fixed;

> sane-backends/include/sane/sane.h:42

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