[sane-devel] scan problem with the Mustek A3 USB

mustek at ariplex.com mustek at ariplex.com
Thu Dec 11 19:26:54 UTC 2008

ABC wrote:

>>There must be some Nazis-admins who defame me and/or my
>> providers.
> Looks like pattern of spam killing software.

Not quite.

Part A:
There are servers in the web who maintain lists of spammers. But anyone
can defame you there. And the maintainers do not care about complaints.
They do not take you out.

Part B:

Even institutions like German Landesregierungen use the lists of those
servers. Which means that you as an ordinary citizen want to use
electronic mail as a means of communication in legal affairs (as is wanted
by politics), your email will not get there.

Complaints at the Landesregierungen will be brushed off.

So, anyone who wants to do substantial damage to you, defames you at those
spammer list servers, and you cannot do anything against it.

I receive hundreds of spams per day. In bad times up to 1000. But none of
these spam mails is as bad as an important mail from me or to me which
does not get through.

People should realize that the anti-spam measures impose a potential
deadly threat. Imagine Emails concerning important medical matters. If
they do not get through, a person might die.

So, the paranoia against spam in several ways ends up in Nazi-dom. I do
not think that we need that again.

>> Right now an unknown idiot abuses known email addresses of my domain
>> ariplex.com to send out spam.
> You may be interested in enabling SPF for your domains, look there:
> http://www.openspf.org/Introduction
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sender_Policy_Framework

I will look what that is. Thank you.

>> It would have been good if there were a note about this email address
>> checking. I found no hint and had no idea. The bad thing is that I wrote
>> the very same email to persons in the list - and none of them replied.
> Notes is usually sent after four hours of undelivery, so you may still
> receive it.

It is not hours, its is days.

And there was not a single email bounce...


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