[sane-devel] Avision AV220G - works with scanimage, not with TWAIN SANE (OS X)

Nick Forge nick.forge at gmail.com
Fri Dec 19 03:53:18 UTC 2008


I've just bought an Avision AV220G ADF scanner. I note that on the  
SANE compatibility list, the AV220 and AV220C2 are both listed, but  
not the (newer?) AV220G. After installing the latest SANE backends  
from Mattias Ellert's TWAIN SANE for Mac OS X page, I am able to get  
both single page and batch scanning using the ADF working using  
"scanimage" and "scanimage --batch" respectively.

The problems start when I try and use the TWAIN SANE bridge - the  
AV220G doesn't show up as a TWAIN device in OS X. I also have a Canon  
N1240U that works with both SANE and TWAIN SANE without any problems  
whatsoever. Is this likely to be a bug in the SANE backend for the  
AV220G, or in the TWAIN SANE bridge? Is there any way that I can help  
in debugging/testing for this problem?

Nick Forge

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