[sane-devel] sane-fujitsu problem with ADF

Marco Carvalho marcoacarvalho at gmail.com
Tue Dec 23 14:39:31 UTC 2008


First of all, sorry for my terrible English.

I have a Fujitsu SI-5070C scanner, when I try to scan documents with
ADF the first document goes well but the subsequent documents stuck in
After trying a lot I figure out that the problem apparently is the page size.

ofm at ofm-siged:~$ scanadf -t 0 -l 0 -x 210 -y 297 --resolution 300
--source 'ADF Front'
scanadf: rounded value of br-x from 210 to 210.01
scanadf: rounded value of br-y from 297 to 279.364
scanadf: sane_read: Error during device I/O
Error during device I/O
Scanned 0 pages

scanadf insist in change y value from 297 to 279.364 wich is short
than my document (A4 paper - 210x297 mm)

Looking at the mailing list I see some messages that mention
"pagewidth" and "pageheight" parameters, but I can't use these
parameters here:

ofm at ofm-siged:~$ scanimage --pagewidth 210 --pageheight 297 -t 0 -l 0
-x 210 -y 297 --resolution 300 --source 'ADF Front'
scanimage: unrecognized option '--pagewidth'

ofm at ofm-siged:~$ scanimage --pageheight 297 -t 0 -l 0 -x 210 -y 297
--resolution 300 --source 'ADF Front'
scanimage: unrecognized option '--pageheight'

There are something I missing?

 My scanadf --help:

ofm at ofm-siged:~$ scanadf --help -d fujitsu:libusb:001:018Usage:
scanadf [OPTION]...

Start image acquisition on a scanner device and write image data to
output files.

   [ -d | --device-name <device> ]   use a given scanner device.
   [ -h | --help ]                   display this help message and exit.
   [ -L | --list-devices ]           show available scanner devices.
   [ -v | --verbose ]                give even more status messages.
   [ -V | --version ]                print version information.
   [ -N | --no-overwrite ]           don't overwrite existing files.

   [ -o | --output-file <name> ]     name of file to write image data
                                     (%d replacement in output file name).
   [ -S | --scan-script <name> ]     name of script to run after every scan.
   [ --script-wait ]                 wait for scripts to finish before exit
   [ -s | --start-count <num> ]      page count of first scanned image.
   [ -e | --end-count <num> ]        last page number to scan.
   [ -r | --raw ]                    write raw image data to file.

Options specific to device `fujitsu:libusb:001:018':
  Scan Mode:
    --source Flatbed|ADF Front|ADF Back|ADF Duplex [Flatbed]
        Selects the scan source (such as a document-feeder).
    --mode Lineart|Halftone|Gray|Color [Lineart]
    --resolution 50..600dpi (in steps of 1) [600]
        Sets the horizontal resolution of the scanned image.
    --y-resolution 50..600dpi (in steps of 1) [600]
        Sets the vertical resolution of the scanned image.
    -l 0..308.824mm (in steps of 0.0211639) [0]
        Top-left x position of scan area.
    -t 0..863.489mm (in steps of 0.0211639) [0]
        Top-left y position of scan area.
    -x 0..308.824mm (in steps of 0.0211639) [215.872]
        Width of scan-area.
    -y 0..863.489mm (in steps of 0.0211639) [279.364]
        Height of scan-area.
    --brightness -127..127 (in steps of 1) [0]
        Controls the brightness of the acquired image.
    --contrast -127..127 (in steps of 1) [0]
        Controls the contrast of the acquired image.
    --threshold 0..255 (in steps of 1) [0]
        Select minimum-brightness to get a white point
    --rif[=(yes|no)] [no]
        Reverse image format
    --dfdetect Default|None|Thickness|Length|Both [Default]
        Enable double feed sensors
    --dfdiff Default|10mm|15mm|20mm [Default]
        Difference in page length to trigger double feed sensor
    --bgcolor Default|White|Black [Default]
        Set color of background for scans. May conflict with overscan option
    --dropoutcolor Default|Red|Green|Blue [Default]
        One-pass scanners use only one color during gray or binary scanning,
        useful for colored paper or ink
    --buffermode Default|Off|On [Default]
        Request scanner to read pages quickly from ADF into internal memory
    --prepick Default|Off|On [Default]
        Request scanner to grab next page from ADF
    --overscan Default|Off|On [Default]
        Collect a few mm of background on top side of scan, before paper
        enters ADF, and increase maximum scan area beyond paper size, to allow
        collection on remaining sides. May conflict with bgcolor option
    --sleeptimer 0..60 (in steps of 1) [0]
        Time in minutes until the internal power supply switches to sleep mode
  Sensors and Buttons:

Type ``scanadf --help -d DEVICE'' to get list of all options for DEVICE.

List of available devices:

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