[sane-devel] Avision AV220 recommendable?

Crypto crypto at online.de
Mon Dec 29 14:20:33 UTC 2008


after my bad experiences with my HP scanner I would like to buy a better one.

Before I actually bought the HP scanner I had a look at the sane device list 
if the scanner is supported and it said that the support for it 
is "complete". So I bought it and was disappointed massively because of the 
USB trouble that apparenly has never been solved successfully.

May I suggest that the sane device list be expanded in such a way that if 
there are problems with a driver these are mentioned even if the driver 
support is rated "complete", and also give some hints on how to work around 
them or fix them.

I think it is no good if some brave and clever user (like me...) does what 
he/she is supposed to do and looks at the data base if some device is 
supported fully, then buys it and after that stumbles over numerous things 
impossible for them to fix or work around, but the device was "fully 
supported". This really is frustrating and can make people leave linux alone 
because of these traps.

I am asking You to share Your experiences with the Avision AV220 type scanner. 
So far I have not found any negative points about it when running it under 
linux, and again the sane list seems to be happy with this one.

What I need is a scanner with a decent ADF and maybe even duplex scanning, so 
I thought I should go for the Avision, but I am not completely sure if that 
is what I want. I can get a used one for much less €€€ than new. I would like 
to spend no more than approx. 350€ for the scanner. It has got to be USB 
because I do not have SCSI with my notebook.

So can You confirm the Avision AV220 and its relatives are really working on a 
linux machine with all resolutions, graphic modes and feeders and will not 
cause other issues unforseeable elsewhere?

Thanks for Your help and regards,

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