[sane-devel] Canon LiDE 90

Guillaume Gastebois guillaume.gastebois at free.fr
Fri Feb 22 22:12:23 UTC 2008


> So, we need to check what parts of the clocking we need to setup
> differently.
> Candidates:
> reg   sane  windows
> 0x1a  0x00  0x24     enable clock 3,4 manual output, invert clock 4
> 0x1d  0x04  0x02     just a smaller toggle "shoulder".
> 0x71  0x00  0x05     RS signal seems to be not used.
> 0x72  0x00  0x07     CP signal seems to be not used.
> 0x73  0x00  0x09     CP signal seems to be not used.
> 0x75  0x00  0x01     clock 1 bitmap
> 0x76  0x00  0xff     clock 1 bitmap
> 0x79  0x00  0x3f     clock 3 bitmap
> 0x7c  0x00  0x1e     clock 4 bitmap
> 0x7d  0x00  0x11     change RS on falling edge of system clock, use DLY
> 0x7f  0x00  0x50     delay each of BSMP and VSMP by 8.33ns (DLY)
> The clock 1 stuff seems to be not needed, as it is in automatic mode.
> But clock 3/4 look interesting. The delay of BSMP/VSMP may be useful, too.

0x1a was still 0x24. I modified 0x1d which was 0x04 to 0x02. Result is 
on http://ggastebois.free.fr/lide90_snoop/22_test1.tar.

I doesn't find where to modify 0x71-0x7f !!!

>> Another thing : I always have a brither vertical line where there is a
>> small black rectangle in the calibration area.
> The small black rectangle is included when acquiring the white level.
> Reduce shading_lines(second to last entry) in Genesys_Model to 250, that
> way it is not seen anymore.

Done, works.

> Oh, and please update from cvs again. A small mistake in
> gl841_bulk_write_registers made the debug register dumps useless.


> Regards,
>   Pierre

Another thing : when I make several scan with sane backend and sane 
command line, I have alternatively brite and dark images !!! Why ???


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