[sane-devel] HP G2410 scanner

Robert John Morton rob at robmorton.20m.com
Tue Jul 8 22:07:29 UTC 2008

I am using Linux (Debian: Ubuntu/Hardy Heron 8.04)

I have an HP G2410 scanner.

I have looked for technical information on the www for the HP G2410 
scanner and its GL646_HP chipset. I have also found the scanner on my 
computer using sane-find-scanner: "found USB scanner (vendor=0x03f0 
[Hewlett-Packard], product=0x0a01 [hp scanjet scanner], chip=GL646_HP) 
at libusb:003:002"
I have also listed the details using lsusb. Others on this list have 
published the verbose output of lsusb. I have also looked through the 
files on the Windows CD that came with the scanner.

This scanner does not appear on the SANE scanner list and I can find 
nothing anywhere about the scanner's proprietary device protocol.

Hewlett-Packard provide ready-made drivers for Microsoft Windows and 
Apple Mac. However, they do not appear to reveal the device protocol in 
any of the documentation or on the HP web site. Consequently, I do not 
see how it is possible for a purchaser of the HP G2410 scanner to write 
a driver for any other operating system.

The only possible source of the necessary information seems to be within 
the Windows driver hpgt2436.dll. This is found on the CD that comes with 
the scanner. The only apparent option for a purchaser to gain the means 
of being able to use the product seems to be to reverse-engineer the 
information from this driver. It is possible to open hpgt2436.dll for 
viewing in OpenOffice word processor. There, it is possible to see the 
various comments and messages in English.

Does anybody know how one can go about finding out the format and 
content of the commands and responses of the device protocol for the HP 
G2410 scanner for the purpose of writing a Linux driver?

Rob Morton

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