[sane-devel] TMC failure

George Herzog gaherzog at gmail.com
Wed Jul 9 11:08:36 UTC 2008

OS: Mandriva 2008
Sane: 1.0.19
Scanner: Microtek X6EL
frontend: xsane
Problem: TMA(lightlid) does not light up. The scanner appears to be
working properly otherwise. It works well in reflective mode.  When I
select the option: Use the lightlid – 35 mm adapter    the scanner
scans with the flatbed light off, but the lightlid does not light up.
Using an external light source yields an image. I cannot rule out a
mechanical/physical failure; I have no way to test the lid for such a
failure. However, the lid has had very little use over the years and
it worked well the last time I used it with a dual installation of
windows 98. My present motherboard does not support windows 98, so
that is no longer an option.
Thank you.
Respectfully, George Herzog

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