[sane-devel] [RFC][PATCH] sanei configuration framework extension

m. allan noah kitno455 at gmail.com
Wed Jul 9 18:27:23 UTC 2008

excellent. this will make config parsing much easier. please commit!


2008/7/9 stef <stef.dev at free.fr>:
> Le Monday 07 July 2008 22:25:34 m. allan noah, vous avez écrit :
>> 2008/6/25 stef <stef.dev at free.fr>:
>> >        here's the patch modified like you suggest. Now both descriptors
>> > and placeholders are given by the backend. There is no need for a
>> > free'ing function anymore.
>> this looks very good, but i dont see much point in the helper
>> functions. presumably the backend will maintain some sort of enum list
>> of indexes (like most do with options), so it wont need to lookup by
>> name, and the initializer would probably be fewer lines of code if
>> done inside the backend, and you wont need the descriptor array to be
>> null terminated.
>> oh, and what about a backend that has only option lines in the config
>> file, it would never call the callback. i guess the backend can still
>> read the SANEI_Config structure pointer if it cached it somewhere,
>> after calling sanei_configure_attach()?
>> allan
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>> "The truth is an offense, but not a sin"
>        Hello,
>        I removed other functions other than the one for parsing configuration
> options given by the backend. It is now up to the backend to allocate and
> free the needed ressources, and to provie the option count in SANEI_Config.
> In case a backend doesn't provide an attach callback and had only option
> lines, the SANEI_Config structure is still filled with the values found
> during configuration parsing after the call. So it can be used by the
> backend.
>        The attached patch implements all this and a sample usage in the rts8891
> backend. All SANE_TYPE_* with their optional constraints are supported. Among
> the existing configuration file, only 'calibrate' and 'port' options of
> canon_pp.conf wouldn't be handled directly since they rely on 2 strings
> parameters.
>        I developped and tested this patch using testsuites built with 'check'
> (http://check.sf.net). I can provide them in case of interest.
> Regards,
>        Stef
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"The truth is an offense, but not a sin"

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