[sane-devel] Sane ADF Duplex parameters

Frank frank.billot at free.fr
Thu Jul 10 11:27:55 UTC 2008

I am using a HP5590. I just discover that sane handles it, and even better  
than then native hp soft, the duplex function operating correctly whereas  
it does not with the hp soft.
This is FANTASTIC, great job.
I have a question : the pages are scanned upside down with the duplex  
option, which means it seems to assume the pages are binded on the short  
side. Is there a way to set a parameter to choose long side or short side,  
so as to have each other page rotated if necessary ?
Or, is there the option not to have the two sides of the page on the same  
image ?
Many thanks

Frank Billot
05°04'03" E - 43°59'06" N

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