[sane-devel] Patch for sane-fujitsu: Fixes fi-5110eox ignoring page-width

m. allan noah kitno455 at gmail.com
Fri Jul 11 22:40:02 UTC 2008

On 7/11/08, spammed <spammed at get2net.dk> wrote:
>  Here is a small fix for this scanner's page-width problem (diff against
> fujitsu.c from CVS). In the set_window function, if the model_name is a
> match, it calculates a horizontal offset to center the scanning area. It has
> been tested with a range of modes, paper sizes, and tl and br settings,
> without unpleasant surprises...

sounds good. i can use your patch as a starting point for a
model-specific override (i try not to scatter model_name comparisons
in the code).

>  Some additional feedback on the current 1.1.0-code with this scanner:
>  - The new option --emphasis works as advertised.
>  - The double-feed options --dfdetect and --dfdiff have been replaced by a
> new one, --df-action,

no- they have not been replaced, they are disabled until you set
df-action to something other than default.

> which is good, because it is now much clearer what the
> scanner can do. But it seems to be ignored at this point. (Double-feeds are
> not detected. Work in progress?) Previously double-feed detection worked, if
> only for --dfdetect=Length and ignoring --dfdiff.

you still have to set dfdiff.

> then --overscan is the only option
> which is exposed by the backend for this scanner, but which does not
> actually work. Maybe the option could be hidden when the scanner returns
> (os_x_basic, os_y_basic) = (0, 0), as this scanner does?

yes- i dont have a good way to detect the overscan capability, other
than the existence of the page code that is used to enable it, which
also enables other things. do you get an error when you set overscan?
if not, then the problem might be that your os_x/y_basic need to be
overridden, like the 4120c?

> Interestingly, the
> paper guides limit page width to 220 mm, so there is 2-3 mm of unused CCD on
> each side - presumably for overscan, but it appears to be not implemented,
> or maybe deliberately disabled for this scanner :-(

what is the maximum page-width value?

>  - The scanner has a scan-button, which is not mentioned in the sensors
> section of the output of scanimage --help -d fujitsu. Should it be?

scanimage does not display any sensors, because it does not know what
to do with them.

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