[sane-devel] getenv(SANE_USB_TIMEOUT)

Lev A. Melnikovsky leva at hotmail.com
Sat Jul 19 20:21:11 UTC 2008


LAM> My intention was to only modify sanei_usb_init function. This would change
LAM> the default value for libusb_timeout if SANE_USB_TIMEOUT is set. Generic
LAM> "hp" backend does not use sanei_usb_set_timeout() function and will only

man> i think that will be ok, backends that override the timeout after usb
man> init should see no changes.

RR> Go fix the SANE backend to set the timeout to 120* whatever for just your
RR> specific model.

I am new here and would rather avoid making the choice myself. What was 
the motivation for the default value usbcalls_timeout = 30 seconds? The 
simplest thing is really just to replace the default (for all backends). 
Please agree on the minimum evil.


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