[sane-devel] [lsb-discuss] Scanning interfaces and LSB 4.0

Till Kamppeter till.kamppeter at gmail.com
Mon Jul 21 08:36:26 UTC 2008

Theodore Ts'o wrote:
> The simple solution would be add the necessary Scanner interfaces to the
> LSB.  Unfortunately, we have many other high priority items on our work
> queue, and the SANE interfaces need to be documented before they could
> be added to the LSB.  This means we need volunteers to do the following:
> 1)  Determine the set of SANE interfaces that needs to be added to the
> LSB.

Here we would need the complete set of interfaces for a scanner 
driver/backend. Anyone from the SANE developers could tell what exactly 
is needed?

> 2)  Find out what documentation, if any exists for those interfaces.

Ducumentation of the API is here:


> 3)  Write any missing interfaces.

You mean documentation/tests.

> If we can't get someone to do this, there are other alternatives, such
> as issuing waivers to printer driver packages.  And maybe if the SANE
> interfaces are in a file with a specific name, and/or there is an easy
> way to recognize a package as being a printer driver, we can teach the
> LSB AtK to automatically give the scanner module a pass.
> Till, is that a fair summary of the situation?  And do we have anyone
> with some free time to work on it?  Unfortuntaly most of the usual
> suspects are busy with other high priority LSB 4.0 projects....

Yes, this is OK. As a last mean we issue waivers, but the best solution 
would be having SANE in the LSB. I appreciate very much if SANE 
developers could help here.


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