[sane-devel] How i can use 2 or more scanners at the same time??

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Tue Jul 22 22:18:14 UTC 2008

Thanx all for the answers and advice(s).

 To  Jeremy Johnson:   

 Very cool the program higin, it's possible to make a scrip for make his 
job in real time?

To Allan:      

   Yes!! I know.. the software it's the last of our problems.. very 
usefull your advice. For the rigid frame .. no problem, we work good on 
iron, steel or aluminium. We aren't think about motor question e 
dataloss, thank.

To Gerard Klaver: 

    no cameras says our chief!!! Sic!! was my first idea for solving the 
problem scanner. Thank for information on the size of scanned photos.

This is the link <http://www.mediaintegrati.it/manhere> to a 
presentation of our project.  We need to build a scanner gate bigger 
like a door. The visitor may think about a gate the scan (with a green 
scenografic led up & down) his
body and take a picture (we also think about a rendering in 3d of the 
scanned image or an avatar crated in real time) put into some different 
contests of web sites or web cam sites.
If someone have an idea about the making of the scanner-gate and the 
software controlling pleas e post that. I hope to work with some 
developers in Italy but want to take a fine project before.
The power of open-source software helo me so much.

p.s. Yes!! I'm a newbie and fanboy. AHAHAH

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