[sane-devel] How i can use 2 or more scanners at the same time??

litlle girl little.linux.girl at gmail.com
Wed Jul 23 20:56:24 UTC 2008

Lov level scanner driver is required, gt68xx ie.
> 1. the optical package of each scanner cannot be placed end-to-end and
> get a complete scan, because there is some dead space for packaging or
> mechanism on the ends. so now you have to stagger them, and then have
> a staggered calibration strip. correcting skew and adjusting height
> will be excercises in very precise machining.
Scan heads packagins can ovelap themselves, there will be no dead space,
with constant y offset, it will be easy to produce image.
---------=====- (head1)
-----=====----- (head2)
-=====--------- (head3)

> 3. you will have to have a much larger motor, or convince the series
> of motors to move at EXACTLY the same rate, or some of them will be
> dead weight (very difficult to do if they have independent
> controllers)
There is easy way:
connect one controler to all motors
(split signal)
(each head will have own motor)
in one cycle all scanning all heads go 1 step,
then colect data from all scanning heads,
then make next step....
with dualcore or quadcore CPU collect all data
will not be a problem,
(conect heads to all usb ports avaible,
not to one potr or hub)
USB1.1 max transfer is 12 Mbit/s (1.5 MB/s)
so i.e. 10 heads can make max transfer about 120Mbit (15MB/s)
this is no problem download it and save to disk(s)

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