[sane-devel] How i can use 2 or more scanners at the same time??

kid2k4 at email.it kid2k4 at email.it
Wed Jul 30 13:36:14 UTC 2008

We have maded a big frame (lika a door) with rail for the ccd's of the 
We take some test with  the  motors. Now we need try two scanner in 
It's possible to setting xSane to start two scanner at same time? How?
What i need about softwares? I'm on Ubuntu with xSane ecc.
Thank a lot for responses.

m. allan noah ha scritto:
> On 7/23/08, kid2k4 at email.it <kid2k4 at email.it> wrote:
>> To Abel: Thank!
>>  We have thought about the scanner's depth of field after some test with
>>  A4 size.
>>  I must tell you the truth, we really like the effect nuanced we get, we
>>  are also working on this. A technician told us that the sensitivity of
>>  ccd can be adjusted, although there is as yet unclear.
>>  We also think about a Frankenstein-scanner made of various parties other
>>  scanners (A4 course). We need to do so because we not have a budget large.
>>  We have also seen this site <http://www.artila.com/>, there are some
>>  controller and engine, the controller contains a small linux and may be
>>  (as we understood) used to control engine or electrical appliances. We
>>  plan to use it to manage the engine scanner.
>>  you think we can use for our project?
>>  Is possible to build a mega-scanner with part of A4 scanner?
>>  There's an engineer among yourselves?
> i have a mechanical engineering background, and like any good
> engineer, i am telling you, keep it simple. use a camera- they are
> cheap, have a much greater depth of field, are designed to work with
> ambient light conditions, the list goes on. the scanner idea is art,
> not engineering.
> allan
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