[sane-devel] RS232 Scanner

Dan Scott danieljamesscott at gmail.com
Thu Jul 31 12:01:04 UTC 2008


2008/7/31 Ekkehard Morgenstern <ekkehard at ekkehardmorgenstern.de>:
> Hi Dan,
>> I'm working on getting a RS232 scanner working on Linux. I see that
>> Sane has some support for serial port scanners but not much. The
>> scanner is attached to a POS system for retail sales and runs RHEL5.
> The scanner's OS is Red Hat Enterprise Linux?
> How big is the machine? What type of scanner is it? What types of objects
> does it scan?

Thanks for replying. The machine is a POS terminal which scans
lottery-type tickets. It has a keyboard device, screen and printer
The tickets to be scanned are about 5cm (2in) wide by about 20cm (5in)
long. Overall, the terminal is about the size of a standard PC box.

>> Unfortunately, I have no documentation for the scanner, I'm not even
>> sure of the brand. There's a logo on the front which is 'G' followed
>> by a globe symbol, followed by 'T' so it could be 'GOT' or 'GT'. There
>> does not appear to be a model number although there is an
>> identification place which is written in Chinese.
> So, it's an industrial scanner? ;-)

Depends what you mean by industrial. It's rated for lots of scans in a
retail environment. I've had some luck finding the manufacturer.
Unfortunately, the website is all in Chinese.


It's the CP86 terminal.

> It might be a custom piece of hardware or a low volume product (manufactured
> in small numbers).
> You might want to find out who sold the machine and if there's any proof of
> purchase that might contain additional information. Perhaps you might have
> to contact the company that sold the machine.

Yep, that's the point I've reached, I'm contacting the manufactures
for more information.

> Without the manual, it might be difficult to figure out what the
> machine is doing.
> If you can figure out the name of the manufacturer or its reseller, you
> might want to contact them for detailed information. Perhaps the scanner
> came with a manual that the customer still has lying around somewhere.
> Invoices and other documents might also contain information. The best
> solution might be to talk to the customer.

Now that I've figured out the manufacture, I can go to them for more
information. Thanks for your help (and also to everyone else who's



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