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Wed Jul 30 17:08:51 UTC 2008

Jack McGill

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> Subject: Re: [sane-devel] Can't seem to find config files
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> Date: Thursday, November 6, 2008, 6:21 AM
> Contact!
> Looks like in the end there was mistake on my end, that
> didn't let sane
> detect my scanner. You see, with my distribution two
> packages are
> shipped: sane-backends and sane-backends-libs. Before
> installing sane
> from sources i did remove sane-backends but didn't do
> the same with
> sane-backends libs. Since sane is installed from sources to
> a different
> place (/usr/local), rather than the one from package, libs
> from rpm
> stayed perfectly intact and it was them that sane was using
> when looking
> for scanner, not recompiled ones. So i removed
> sane-backends-libs and my
> scanner got perfectly detected. At least we're getting
> somewhere.
> But of course scanner won't scan. Ok, it would scan,
> but it's output
> doesn't resemble whatever was scanned - it looks just
> like red stripes
> on black background. And there are problems with scanner
> head.
> Usually before scanning scanner head goes couple of
> centimeters forward
> and adjusts light intensity, then goes back and starts
> scanning. With
> sane, it does the same, but with a louder sound, which
> makes me a little
> worried. And most importantly, scanner doesn't know
> where to stop. When
> scanning from XSane sometimes scanner head just goes about
> one
> centimeter and stops, beepeing strangely. Sometimes it goes
> 2/3 of
> scanner length, and it does so *very fast* with an odd
> sound, then
> finishes scanning and goes back with same speed and sound.
> When running
> scanimage from commandline, the sound and speed are quite
> the same as
> normally (by 'normally' i mean like it works on
> proprietary system with
> proprietary drivers), until scanner head bumps into the
> wall. When you
> stop it there, and look at the resulting image, about
> 2/3-1/2 is filled,
> so scanner head has a rather long way to go.
> Any ideas what to do with that?
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