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Wed Jul 30 17:08:51 UTC 2008

- replace linux specific ppdev code with sanei_* equivalent functions.
- make sure the code is still compatible with latest SANE releases (in
this case, it is better to check code from Debian's
sane-backends-extras, for which Julien has made a great job making the
code at least compilable for latest releases) and follows SANE
guidelines for inclusion into the repository.
- test on actual hardware to make sure it still works after changes
(would require help from community if the developer lacks hardware to

And longer term tasks for better support:

- implement calibration support
- improve support for large width scans at high resolutions (the
windows driver does this very well with little backtracking even on a
emulated Bochs VM).
- implement support for some Vivid Pro II variants (not based on the
same chipset as my device).
- implement support for the rare USB variants

I could even offer access to the geniusvp2 project at SourceForge for
those interested on helping, but I think it is much easier to just
download the latest code from CVS (or even better, take the code from
Debian's sane-backends-extras package), and work based on it. Then I
should simply deactivate the project at SF, since it would make no
sense anymore to keep it after inclusion in SANE repository.

Anyone interested?

Anderson Lizardo

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