[sane-devel] problems with genesys and MD6228

Werner Holtfreter Holtfreter at gmx.de
Tue Jun 3 12:18:05 UTC 2008

Hallo stef,

am Dienstag, 2008-06-03 06:46 schrieben Sie:

> I have commit a fix for the offset of scan area in latest
> SANE's CVS. 

Thank you very much!

> I not sure this would correct the problem you had a low 
> black and white resolution scans. If there is still some problem,
> could you send me the debug log produced by running theses
> commands in a shell:
> export SANE_DEBUG_GENESYS_GL646=511
> scanimage -d genesys --resolution 50 2>scan.log >scan.pnm
> 	So that I can try to figure ou what is happening ?

Do you mean I should test with my old Sane version or with the new 
Viele Grüße
Werner Holtfreter

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