[sane-devel] In progress: TRUST Imagery 9600SP (TECO_VM6552)

Andrej Suligoi suligoi at gmail.com
Wed Jun 11 11:21:26 UTC 2008

A month ago, you have post that you have developed a backend for Trust 
Imagery 9600SP for sane in which you appointed that you are the only 
possessor of an VM6552 device.
In fact this is not true, because there are many possessors of this 
device. In fact I don't have such device, but my friend who don't use 
Linux have. I found that the only way to work out is to run with Sane.
I not approved that you wouldn't release your backend, for the reason 
that there are so many people with this device. If you google a little 
bit, you find that so many people request for a windows xp driver.
So if de device will ever work with sane, why do not to release this driver.
I understand that you have to develop a new backend for a few scanner, 
but in time you can release your patch for teco3 for the other people 
who own a VM6552 device.


Andrej Suligoi

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