[sane-devel] Python bindings segfault

abel deuring adeuring at gmx.net
Sun Jun 15 15:09:49 UTC 2008

On 15.06.2008 14:56, Albert Cervera i Areny wrote:
> While testing sane python bindings I found a segmentation fault while trying 
> to open the device. I attach a couple of logs. 
> 'sane.log' is the output of running:
> SANE_DEBUG_HP5590=50 SANE_DEBUG_SANEI_USB=255 ./test-sane.py
> 'valgrind.log' is the output of running my test script 
> with "valgrind --trace-children=yes"
> The script is very simple (the device exists):
> import sane
> sane.init()
> sane.open( 'hp5590:libusb:004:005' )

Am I right that this is the complete Pytjon code leading to the segfault?

> This is running Debian unstable with the following packages:
> python-imaging-sane 1.1.6
> sane 1.0.14
> libsane 1.0.19
> plus -deb packages, as as you can see in valgrind.log
> Do you think this is a Debian specific problem, any other tests I could make?

Unfortunately, the C extension _sane.so does not automatically ensure
the correct sequence of the calls sane_close() and sane_exit().
(sane_close should be called for all opened devices before sane_exit; if
sane_close is called after sane_exit, weird things may happen)

sane_close isn't even called automatically -- you must do that explicitly.

Could you try something like

import sane
device = sane.open( 'hp5590:libusb:004:005' )

If this does not help, can you send me gdb's "bt" output?


PS: This requirement to explicitly call device.close() bothers me since
years, but I never got of my ass to write a more "pythonic"
implementation of _sane.c ...

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