[sane-devel] I have achieved ADF duplex scan

m. allan noah kitno455 at gmail.com
Wed Jun 18 13:59:42 UTC 2008

nice work- i have a few questions:

1. are you employed by microtek?
2. do you know if the 2020s also uses the same protocol?
3. are you planning to release the driver source for inclusion into SANE?


2008/6/17 eagleskycloud <eagleskycloud at gmail.com>:
> Hi ,
> With your help,I have achieved duplex ADF scan in our backend with
> sane-backends 1.0.19 and XSane 0.995. Xsane could get front image and back
> image of a paper at the same time while scanning with ADF.
>    I save back image in a buffer allocated by my backends  then Xsane  read
> a back image  after XSane have get a whole front image.
>    Below suggestion is from m. allan noah:
> 1. from the frontend perspective, duplex is no different from simplex
> adf, there are just more images.
> 2. i have never gotten xsane's multi-page mode to work, i use
> 'scanimage -b' or 'scanadf' command line tools
> 3. there are several other backends which support duplex scans.
> fujitsu, avision, epjitsu come to mind. You could look at their code
> for suggestions, but then your code becomes a derivative work, and you
> must release it also under the GPL.
> 4. The way to write your code depends on the scanner. If the scanner
> has enough memory to buffer the back side data until after the
> front-side has been read, then you just read them sequentially. if the
> scanner sends back the data interlaced, then you must buffer the back
> side in memory until the front side has been sent to front-end, then
> read back side from buffer. the fujitsu backend demonstrates both of
> these.
> 5. be aware that a proper front-end in batch mode will call
> sane_start() at the beginning of each page, but only call sane_cancel
> after the last page returns SANE_STATUS_NO_DOCS.
> ...
> Thank you.
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