[sane-devel] Problem: X-Server crashes when using XSane

"Christoph M. Schröder" cmschroeder at maxi-dsl.de
Sat Jun 21 15:16:16 UTC 2008


thanks. Well...but there is more than just crashes of the X-Server. With 
other Programs (xscanimage) i only get  a error message.
I think the X-Server crash is just the consequenz of something else. As 
i wrote, i sometimes also get this "Failed to start scanner: error 
during device I/O" message. And in the sane-project.org FAQ is written 
to connect the mailing list, if an error like this appears.

I'd really be happy if i could solve this problem...


Julien BLACHE schrieb:
> "Christoph M. Schröder" <cmschroeder at maxi-dsl.de> wrote:
> Hi,
>> But suddenly, (i think after i did some black and white negative scans),
>> i could not use the transparency adapter anymore. Every time i want to
>> use it now, the X-Server crashes up and starts from new (also when i
> As they say at X.org, "an X server crash is a bug in the X server" :)
> JB.

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