[sane-devel] Problem: X-Server crashes when using XSane

Oliver Schwartz Oliver.Schwartz at gmx.de
Tue Jun 24 06:41:11 UTC 2008


please also provide the log produced by
SANE_DEBUG_SNAPSCAN=255 xsane 2 > debug.log

then use xsane until the error occurs. The logs tend to get quite big,  
so you should compress it.



On 21.06.2008, at 17:46, Christoph M. Schröder wrote:

> Hi,
> thanks for the information. My fault.
> You can now find them here:
> http://home.mnet-online.de/hta/syslog.txt
> http://home.mnet-online.de/hta/messages.txt
> Christoph
> Julien BLACHE schrieb:
>> "Christoph M. Schröder" <cmschroeder at maxi-dsl.de> wrote:
>> Hi,
>>> i wrote, i sometimes also get this "Failed to start scanner: error
>>> during device I/O" message. And in the sane-project.org FAQ is  
>>> written
>>> to connect the mailing list, if an error like this appears.
>>> I'd really be happy if i could solve this problem...

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