[sane-devel] How to accurately scan A4(210mmx297mm) size paper?

Nicolas nicolas.martin at freesurf.fr
Fri Jun 27 20:33:16 UTC 2008

Keep in mind that some backend may perform adjustments on width and
height values, that are imposed by the scanner. 

For instance, in the pixma backend, the count of pixels in width and
height need to be aligned to 32 bits for some models, because this is
simply imposed by the pixma protocol. 

The consequence is that you cannot scan at all possible width/height
dimensions, but only at discrete width/height sizes.
The step between 2 consecutive widths is therefore conditioned by
resolution, i.e. step (in mm) = 32 x 25.4 / xdpi 

At 600 dpi, this is about 1.4 mm ... but more than 1 cm at 75 dpi!


Le vendredi 27 juin 2008 à 11:05 +0800, eagleskycloud a écrit :
> Hi,
> I want to accurately scan A4 paper(210mmx297mm),but there is not
> A4(210mmx297mm) item in preset area drop down box in preview window of
> XSane. I add 210mmx297mm item in the  preset area drop down box. XSane
> exit and output segmentation fault in console after I select
> 210mmx297mm  and I don't  click the scan button.  The 210mmx297mm item
> that I just added  has not already in the drop down box when I run
> XSane at the second time. I drag and adjust the scan size to
> 210.31mmx297.15mm, then click the scan button and the scan is OK . I
> couldn't  accurately drag and adjust the scan size to 210mmx297mm. How
> to accurately scan A4(210mmx297mm) size?The version of XSane is 0.99. 
>    Why there is not ISO standard paper size (e.g.A4(210mmx297mm)) in
> preset area drop down box in preview window of XSane?
>    How to accurately scan A4(210mmx297mm)paper?
> Thank you.
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