[sane-devel] CIS scanners: to calibrate or not to calibrate :) this is the question (my scanner is mad and lazy :)

litlle girl little.linux.girl at gmail.com
Sat Jun 28 11:08:31 UTC 2008

> The windows driver probably calibrates once, when the scanner is
> first used, and stores the reference data somewhere (file, registry,
> etc.).
> The SANE driver should try to do the same (not registry of course,
> but some /var/... whatever file-system location.
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This is very good idea! :)
I think "calibrate.conf" is good place to put calibrate data.

calibrate.conf structure:
vendor, product, mode (Lineart,Gray,Color) calibrate data

Maybe "recalibrate" option will be needed :)


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