[sane-devel] SANE 1.1.0 Release discussion

François Revol revol at free.fr
Thu May 8 12:19:38 UTC 2008

> On 5/6/08, Étienne Bersac <bersace03 at gmail.com> wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> >  Thanks alan fo this post. I agree with everything on you list. 
> > Just add
> >  something : would it be possible to just "ensure" that all usb 
> > scanner
> >  backends support libusb:xxx:yyy as "fallback" device name ?
> i think we can do that, but write it in a more general way- backends
> must allow the 'name' argument to sane_open to be either the
> SANE_Device.name the backend returned in sane_get_devices, or the
> device name used by the sanei_ functions, if those names differ.
> still not sure how to document that requirement for the front-end
> author, because those device names will vary quite a bit between
> platforms...

Now that you talk about platforms, if I may jump into the discussion...
I am a developper for Haiku <http://haiku-os.org/>, a Free Software 
rewrite of BeOS, and I updated the SANE BeOS port for Zeta (BeOS R6) 
some time ago (I sent diffs which went into cvs).

Before porting to Haiku I tried the other day to build SANE cvs under 
Zeta, but had to fix several issues. I suppose it'd be nice if those 
could be fixed for a release so at least it builds again on BeOS.

IIRC some non-standard (linux specific) types were used (u_int8_t ?) in 
place of standard ones, without even including the correct headers, so 
I had to fix many backends.
That might not only affect BeOS btw.
A better fix would be to use the standardized type instead, with the 
correct header of course.
Plus some other fixes.
I don't have a patch around, I'll make one ASAP.


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