[sane-devel] Problems setting up Mustek 600 III EP Plus in Xubuntu

Eddy De Greef edg-sane at edpnet.be
Sun May 18 18:06:01 UTC 2008

Hi Juan Carlos,

as far as I can see, everything looks ok this time, except for one line 
(see below). The id returned by the scanner is 0. I don't know what the 
correct value should be (I'm not familiar with the CCD models), but 0 
certainly isn't right. It looks as if the scanner isn't attached or 
turned off.

I suspect it's another kernel or libieee1284 bug. Sometimes, it helps if 
you change the parallel port setting in the BIOS: eg., you can try ECP 
mode, or EPP mode. (Remember to always test as root.)

Have you ever been able to scan on Linux?

Best regards,


Juan Carlos Garcia wrote:
> Thanks, Eddy.
> Still didn't find it. Please see attached.
> ...
> [sanei_pa4s2] pa4s2_readbyte_nib: reading value 0x00 from 'parport0'
> ...

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