[sane-devel] Snapscan Backend - Mac OSX Tiger don't work

Oliver Schwartz Oliver.Schwartz at gmx.ch
Sun May 18 16:49:28 UTC 2008


you need the firmware file for your scanner ("Snapscan 1212U_2.bin"  
from your scanner driver CD). Save it under a name without spaces and  
specify the filename (with full path) in the file /usr/local/etc/ 

After that, check if "scanimage -L" on the command line finds the  

If the scanner still isn't found, run

SANE_DEBUG_SNAPSCAN=255 scanimage -L > debug.log

and send me the resulting debug.log file.



Am 10.05.2008 um 04:33 schrieb Radulph Kader:

> Dear Mrs. and Mr.,
> I’m trying to configure TWAIN-SANE for Mac OSX Tiger (10.4.11) from  
> Matthias
> Ellert on an old G4/500 with an AGFA Snapscan 1212u_2. All the time  
> the
> system forget the scanner. And Image Capture don’t find the  
> scanner. And
> when I try to make scanner-sharing ON the fields are empty.
> So I took a look in the FAQ vom Mr. Ellert and tested in Terminal the
> command “scanimage”. Nothing.
> Then I tried to use sudo scanimage –d test:0 > test.pnm [password]
> test.pnm is produced in my home folder but scanner isn't responding.
> Mr. Ellert writes in his FAQ in this case it is allowed to send you a
> message, because maybe it is a bug.
> Could you help me? Please note: I am an absolutely novice with the  
> command
> line tool.
> Best and many thanks in advance
> Radulph Kader
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