[sane-devel] Bug in backend/geniusvp2_parport.c

Richard Hitt rbh00 at netcom.com
Wed Nov 19 12:34:04 UTC 2008

Hi, sane-devel

In the subject source module, in function sane_geniusvp2_parport_open(), 
a test for PARPORT_MODE_EPP fails and as a result sane does not find my 
Genius ColorPage-Vivid Pro II scanner.   When this test is commented 
out, and the function returns 0, my scanner works fine and I am very happy.

I was helped greatly along this path by sadleder on the freenode irc 
channel #sane.

I tried and failed to establish an account on 
https://alioth.debian.org/account/login.php (rbh00).  My cookie mode is 
to manually set cookies for this session only, under firefox; it 
appeared that a cookie problem was inhibiting me from logging on; but 
the message did not say what cookie domain name was at issue, and I 
couldn't find anything appropriate in my cookies.  Let me know, please, 
what domain is used and I'll remove it from my cookie exceptions and try 
logging in again.

I'd be happy to answer questions you may have and to try things you may 
suggest.  My system is Fedora 9 with sane version 
sane-backends-1.0.19-10.fc9, but to get the geniusvp2_parport shared 
object I had to use a mandrake source rpm, sane-1.0.15-7mdk.src.rpm.  I 
went into its sane.spec file and made up for missing mklibname macros 
and missing XFree86-devel build-dependency; I did "make"; and I copied 
the resulting shared object libsane-geniusvp2.so.1.0.15 and its two 
symlinks from backend/.libs to /usr/lib/sane.  I did make a special 

Richard Hitt    rbh00 at netcom.com

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