[sane-devel] Sheetfed Scanners

Jack McGill jmcgill85258 at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 9 03:48:30 UTC 2008

Hello Gerhard and Group,
Here is an update. I have a Pentax DSmobile USB scanner (Vendor ID
0x082, Product ID 0x2000, also known as Travelscan Pro 2300). I also
have an Ambir TravelScan Pro 600 (0x082, 0x2002) They are both
manufactured by Syscan.

I just finished reading a book called "C for Dummies" so I started
snooping through the plustek source code and look for ways to add these

I knew that you recently added the Visioneer Strobe XP100, so I tried to
find out what you did to add that scanner. It looked like you just had
to copy some of the settings of the Syscan TravelScan 464 in the file

So I did that and redid ./configure, make, make install. Both Scanners
were discovered by scanimage -L! I then opened up xsane and tried to do
some scans using the test printing page from Ubuntu. 

The Pentax scanned the page, but the resulting image was compressed in
the vertical or "y-axis". Also, the colors were switched around.

The image from the TS Pro 600 was also compressed in the y-axis and the
image was completely black.

Before I wrote the group and asked for help, I decided to try the
settings for the other A4 sheetfed scanner, the Portable Peripheral Co,
because it looked like the colors are read in a different order and the
motor settings were slower.

These settings worked much better on both scanners. On the Pentax, the
yellows are not showing up very well. The colors are otherwise in the
correct order. The size of the scanned image is correct. On the TS600
the images are somewhat "washed out" appearing. In other words, there is
too much white. Maybe this can be fixed with front end post-processing.
The image size is correct. 

In the next several days I will continue to test these scanners at
various settings and look for any problems. 

Do you have any other suggestions?

Below you can see what I added in plustek-usbdevs.c:

/* SYSCAN... */
	{"0x0A82-0x4600",   &Cap0x0A82_0x4600, &Hw0x0A82_0x4600, "TravelScan
460/464" },
	{"0x0A82-0x6620",   &Cap0x0A82_0x6620, &Hw0x0A82_0x6620, "TravelScan
662" },
	{"0x0A82-0x2002",   &Cap0x0A53_0x1000, &Hw0x0A53_0x1000, "TravelScan
Pro 600" },
	{"0x0A82-0x2000",   &Cap0x0A53_0x1000, &Hw0x0A53_0x1000, "TravelScan
Pro 2300" },

	/* Visioneer... */
	{"0x04A7-0x0427",   &Cap0x0A82_0x4600, &Hw0x0A82_0x4600, "Strobe
XP100" },

	/* Portable Peripheral Co., Ltd. */
	{"0x0A53-0x1000",   &Cap0x0A53_0x1000, &Hw0x0A53_0x1000, "Q-Scan
USB001" },

Here is a link to some usbsnoop logs that I did on the Pentax DS mobile

Here is a link to usbsnoop logs from the TS Pro 600 

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