[sane-devel] How get scanner commands on kds.log with a Kodak i1440 USB scanner

Jose Guadalupe Osuna Chavez jose.chaves at sat.gob.mx
Thu Oct 23 18:34:49 UTC 2008


Ok, this will take more time that I was planned. Now I'm using the SnoopyPro too.  :/

I can't adjust the i260 code to the SANE standard yet. I was forced do some dirty things like put many conversion routines in scanimage.c file (frontend level). I'm still working on move all the code to the backend level.

Jose Osuna

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use a usb sniffer ( i use the one from here:

unfortunately, it does not decode the meaning of the protocol, so you
are forced to do some pretty serious reverse engineering. If the
machine is not based on a well-known protocol like scsi, it could take
hundreds of hours of work to make a full-featured driver.

oh, and I've not seen any code or patches that support the i260...


On Wed, Oct 22, 2008 at 7:59 PM, Jose Guadalupe Osuna Chavez
<jose.chaves at sat.gob.mx> wrote:
> Hi:
>        I'm trying to make a program on Linux that work with a Kodak i1440 USB scanner. I'm using the method of get commands of the kds.log file, generated on window's driver, and emulate on Linux.
>        This has worked on a Kodak i260 FireWire Scanner, all the commands was logged in this file; just after modify the C:\WINDOWS\twain_32\kodak\kds\const.ini file with
>        Debug=1
>        DebugFilter=
>        But on the i1440 the C:\WINDOWS\twain_32\kodak\kds\kds.log doesn't show scanner commands. I believe that this only works on SCSI and firewire scanners.
>        The C:\WINDOWS\twain_32\kodak\kds\kds.log had lines like this.
> "....
> 00154 114901212 kdsdat     234   183 S3 ### dsIdentity <Mnft:'Eastman Kodak Company'  Prdnm:'Digital Science'  Prdfm:'Kodak Document Imaging Scanner'  v2.1  Lang:13  Ctry:1  Info:'KDS v2.1.29 2001/05/09'  TWAIN:1.9  Grps:0x1003>
> 00155 114901212 kdsdat     234   183 S3 ### appIdentity <Mnft:''  Prdnm:''  Prdfm:''  v0.0  Lang:0  Ctry:0  Info:''  TWAIN:0.0  Grps:0x0>
> 00156 114901212 kdsdat     234   183 S3 >>> DS_Entry(DG_CONTROL/DAT_IDENTITY/MSG_GET) = (TWRC_SUCCESS/TWCC_SUCCESS,0) ***Exit***
> ...."
>        Nothing like a GetConfig o GetWindow command or a wr_cwirebae module.
>        ¿Somebody knows another method?
> Thank you
> Jose Gpe Osuna Chavez
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