[sane-devel] Perl Bindings

abel deuring adeuring at gmx.net
Mon Sep 1 10:48:36 UTC 2008

On 01.09.2008 10:56, Jeffrey Ratcliffe wrote:
> I am in the process of writing some Perl bindings for SANE.
> Would you like this to be a part of the SANE project, or should I
> start a new project (probably on Alioth)?
> It is tricky testing things, given the necessity for the correct
> hardware. How does SANE handle tests?

Im am not aware of any formal test requirements.

The test backend is a invaluably useful tool for testing: You get more
or less any sort of device options; you can see if your bindings
properly handle things like enabling/disabling of options, if you get
the type conversion between Sane and Perl data types properly done etc etc.

You even get perfectly reproducible, noise free, scan data :)

Additional tests with real-world devices are also useful, because the
test backend can of course not emulate the behaviour of every scanner.
The Python bindings for Sane (part of PIL) for example had for years a
bug in the "higher components" that prevented the retrieval of the
backside image from duplex scanners, because sane_cancel was
automatically called after an image was completely read.


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