[sane-devel] Perl Bindings

Jeffrey Ratcliffe jeffrey.ratcliffe at gmail.com
Tue Sep 2 11:04:53 UTC 2008

2008/9/2 abel deuring <adeuring at gmx.net>:
> I would not mind seeing Perl bindings included. But other Sane folks
> should give their opinion too. I could imagine that CPAN might be a
> better place for the bindings, since Perl developers might look for Perl
> modules there, I'd guess. (disclaimer: I am not a Perl developer, so I
> can't claim to have any real clue where/how to search for Perl modules...)

I would certainly upload the module to CPAN, but that has no VCS or
web space. My question was really whether the bindings should be
included as part of SANE, or whether I should create a new project
(probably also on Alioth).



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