[sane-devel] Canon MP4150 - WORKS!!! (basically)

Nicolas nicolas.martin at freesurf.fr
Wed Sep 3 06:59:20 UTC 2008

Le mardi 02 septembre 2008 à 17:22 -0500, Bob Dronski a écrit :
> Dennis, Nicolas, and the rest of the list,
> Thanks so much for all your help.  I'm thrilled to say that the  
> scanner works after a new build of both libusb and Sane!  There are a  
> couple of issues that still occur, but basically, it works.

Good news then!
> I've done both flatbed and adf scanning.  The only thing that is a  
> problem is that it takes 2 attempts to actually scan.  The first time  
> generates an error "Error during Device I/O".  The second time, it  
> scans fine.

Again, activate the full trace logs, to check whether this is a backend
or a libusb issue.
> Also, attempting to scan a multi-page pdf only scanned a single page.   
> I haven't gone back to the help pages to see if that's an issue or not.

Multipage document in Xsane must be handled by choosing several pages to
scan (with the page counter in Xsane). Did you enter more than 1 page to
scan ?


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