[sane-devel] fujitsu scanner owners needed

m. allan noah kitno455 at gmail.com
Thu Sep 4 15:28:18 UTC 2008

On Thu, Sep 4, 2008 at 11:11 AM, extobias <extobias at gmail.com> wrote:
> m. allan noah-3 wrote:
>> On 6/7/08, spammed <spammed at get2net.dk> wrote:
>>>  On Mon, 2008-06-02 at 09:48 -0400, m. allan noah wrote:
>>>  In the past few weeks, I have made several updates to the fujitsu sane
>>> backend. I don't really have a good list of testers, so I am putting
>>> out a call for all fujitsu backend users to please try the current
>>> version from SANE CVS.
>>>  I have done some testing with my fi-5110-EOX and scanimage. The
>>> backend+scanimage is from CVS as of 5 June.
>>>  Particular areas to watch out for:
>>> 1. JPEG output is now possible, but will only work with scanimage from
>>> cvs, or some other sane 1.1 compliant frontend
>>>  JPEG output works fine. Is the compression done by the scanner or the
>>> backend?
>>>the scanner itself. it appears that every fi-series Fujitsu might be
>>>able to do this.
>>>  2. The mechanism for determining the color interlace mode is now
>>> automatic, so please see if color scans look weird, particularly if
>>> the scanner has done a color scan in windows without being power
>>> cycled.
>>>  Not really tested, but no problems observed.
>>>if a non-jpeg color scan looks ok, then that is all the testing we need
> really.
>>>  [...]
>>> 4. the scanner device is now named 'fujitsu:model:serial' instead of
>>> the system provided name, if the scanner supports serial number
>>> detection. please verify that the new name actually matches your
>>> scanner :)
>>>  Model and serial is correct.
>> ~anoah/fujitsu/
>>>  5. initialization code has changed somewhat, the backend should find
>>> scanners if they are plugged in after the front-end starts (requires
>>> custom daemon frontend to test, I dont know of any in the wild)
>>>  Not tested, would need instructions...
>>>right- i don't actually have a frontend that does this, so lets not
>>>worry about it.
>> I have one, and works. but take more time to scan.
>> Sometime it never come back.
>> I also tested with the old snap i have (2008-05-08) and
>> work really nice.

can you get a debug log of the backend in action when the slowness occurs?

>>>  6. please test page-width and page-height support, it seems that some
>>> cheaper scanners don't work.
>>> [...]
>>> Known issues:
>>> [...]
>>> 2. page-width and page-height don't seem to work for the fi-5110EOX,
>>> needs software emulation
>>>  As previously found, page-width is ignored. I am all set to test any
>>> improvements on this front :-)
>>>right. going to need to simulate in software for your machine. i
>>>wonder how many others have the same problem?
>> Im using fi-5120c and works fine, the only condition is that i
>> have to set first page-* before setting tl-* and bt-* options.

yes- the page-* params control the maximum ranges for tl-* and br-*

>>>  The page-height option works as expected in combination with
>>> dfdetect=Length except that dfdiff seems to be fixed at 10mm.
>>>odd. do you get an error when you set the other lengths?
>>  A long page
>>> (paper jam) occurring as the last sheet of a batch is detected only on
>>> the
>>> next invocation of scanimage. (May be a limitation of the scanner's
>>> detection mechanism, or a scanimage issue?)
>>>hmm, i need to look into that. it is possible that the scanner does
>>>not report the error to us until after the page is fully sent, so
>> ?t?here is no way to inform the front-end.
>>>  Some additional observations about this scanner, for the record:
>>>  - dfdetect=Thickness is ignored.
>>>this machine must not have a thinkness sensor. i wonder if this
>>>applies to the S5xx series too?
>>>  - the overscan option seems to be ignored, although I am not sure I
>>> fully
>>> understand its purpose. The output looks identical, with no additional
>>> space
>>> at the top. What is the bgcolor option mentioned in the --help -d output?
>>>when overscan is enabled, the x and y values of the scan area can
>>>extend slightly larger than the page width, and the scanner outputs a
>>>few mm of the background before the top of the page hits the sensor.
>>>if your machine has a white background stripe behind the sensor, try
>>>scanning a darker sheet and see if the white background shows above.
>>>the bgcolor option is only for scanners which have a servo driven
>>>black/white background in the adf, such as the fi-5120C
>>>  - the sleeptimer option works, but does not put the scanner as such into
>>> sleep mode. It just dims the scanner lamps after the specified interval
>>> if
>>> no paper is inserted.
>>>that is fujitsu's idea of sleep, lamp at half brightness, and any
>>>operator panel lights off (other than power?) i dont think there is a
>>>way to turn the lamp off entirely.
>>>  Btw, there seems to be a bit of weirdness going on if these last two
>>> options are both present on the command line (individually they are
>>> accepted):
>>>  $ scanimage -n --sleeptimer=5 --overscan=Off
>>>  scanimage: rounded value of sleeptimer from 5 to 5
>>>  scanimage: setting of option --overscan failed (Invalid argument)
>>>  $ scanimage -n --overscan=Off --sleeptimer=5
>>>  scanimage: setting of option --sleeptimer failed (Invalid argument)
>>>weird. let me try this myself and get back to you.
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