[sane-devel] problems with genesys and MD6228

Werner Holtfreter Holtfreter at gmx.de
Thu Sep 25 23:38:17 UTC 2008

Hallo stef,

am Freitag, 2008-08-29 07:13:37 schrieben Sie:

> 	I have committed a couple a GPO fixes. I have also commented out
> ASIC reset for GL646. I don't think it is usefull, and suppose it
> may mess things. Could you try latest CVS version to see if it
> fixes things for you ?

The result:

1. The starting point at the top of page is more constant. It varies
   between 0...0,8 mm at the top. (O...0,8 mm loss. Earlier 8 mm!) 

2. In most resolutions the scanner works properly.
   Only with 100 dpi, gray, sometimes (30 % from tests) the scanner
   head starts to shake and does not move properly! The old problem.
Viele Grüße
Werner Holtfreter

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