[sane-devel] Mac OS X: sane pixma (not) scanning via network

Peter Schoenrank peter at schoenrank.ca
Wed Apr 1 18:10:58 UTC 2009

On 09-Mar-31, at 11:54, Louis Lagendijk wrote:

> It would be good to see the logfiles of the failing attempts again.

On 09-Apr-01, at 08:55, Peter Schoenrank wrote:

> I am limited by my ISP to 20 MB of web space. I can put the old logs  
> back up, but that means having to take down the most recent ones.

OK, after wrapping my head around Apache configuration files, and  
beating my head against the way that Mac OS X configures Apache, and  
beating my head against my D-Link NAT/router, all the logs should now  
available at

Let me know if you _can’t_ see them.

Be patient, it will be very slow; this is my home iMac, and my ISP  
limits my uplink to 512 Kbps.

Now I am off to wrap my head around DynDNS, since isn’t  
guaranteed to remain constant.

Peter Schoenrank
mailto: peter at schoenrank.ca
phone: 250-655-6753

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