[sane-devel] continuous capture from scanner

Sparr sparr0 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 2 03:50:27 UTC 2009

There are continuous feed scanners.  Plenty exist in the office-copier
form factor, some are desktop models (HP high-capacity document
scanners), and plenty are photograph scanners.  Ages ago you could get
a sheet feed scanner that mounted on top of a keyboard (or just sat
alone), a 2"x10" cylinder.  If you could find the modern equivalent of
that and tell it to scan an infinite length sheet, it would probably
do what you want.

On Wed, Apr 1, 2009 at 5:32 PM, Kyle McDonald <mcdonk at rpi.edu> wrote:
> I'd like to use a flatbed scanner for continuous capture. By this I mean:
> the scan head does not move, and I regularly (quickly) get updates from
> the scan head.
> If I understand SANE, there are at least two ways I might do this:
> 1 Physically modify the scanner to not move the head, and capture images
> that are the maximum dimension of the scan area. Use sane_read to
> continually update the scan head state, which is accessed by another thread.
> 2 Capture images that are one pixel tall.
> Both of these require using sane_start to get a new frame every so often
> (much more often, in the case of 2), and I'm worried about the "glitch"
> that will occur at that point. Does anybody have an idea about how long
> the scanner will stall while getting ready to start a new frame? It's
> probably very scanner-dependent, I'm guessing... but on order of
> magnitude guess would be great. Or: is there a way to continue using
> sane_read without worrying about approaching an EOF...?
> Thanks!
> Kyle
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