[sane-devel] MP730 driver broken since pixma-0.12.2

Nicolas Martin nicolas.martin at freesurf.fr
Fri Apr 3 21:17:13 UTC 2009

Sorry, posted answer in wrong thread.

As far as I can see in the differences between older versions of the
pixma standalone driver and today's, concerning usb exchanges for MP730,
the older drivers did not use events polling whereas newer do with usb
interrupt reads. 

First, did you try to remove the PIXMA_CAP_EVENTS flag for the pixma 730
declaration (at the botom of file pixma_mp730.c) and see how it
behaves ? 

I will also send you some modified files for the pixma backend to
investigate why this usb low level error appears.


Le vendredi 03 avril 2009 à 03:14 +1100, Wade Fitzpatrick a écrit :
> Can you take a look at the logs on
> http://waddles.org/content/sane-canon-mp730-driver and tell me if you
> think I'm on the right track with the endpoints?
> I CBF re-installing Windows, but I did test a successful scan with
> mp150-0.12.2 followed immediately by a try with pixma-0.15.0 but it
> failed so I doubt it has anything to do with power-saving modes.
> Thanks,
> Wade.
> 2009/3/21 Nicolas Martin <nicolas.martin at freesurf.fr>
>         Seems confirmed that a usb low level error happens on first
>         write
>         attempt:
>         [sanei_usb] sanei_usb_write_bulk: trying to write 10 bytes
>         [sanei_usb] 000 F3 20 00 00 00 00 00 00 0C
>         00                   . ........
>         USB error: error submitting URB: Device or resource busy
>         [sanei_usb] sanei_usb_write_bulk: write failed: Device or
>         resource busy
>         USB error: could not clear/halt ep 1: Device or resource busy
>         [pixma] WARNING:pixma_write(): count(0) != len(10)
>         I remember having seen this before for someone else, this
>         happened when
>         the usb port was going to power saving (generally after a few
>         seconds)
>         Could it be the case on system ?
>         Nicolas

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