[sane-devel] [ANNOUNCE] New release of Image Scan! for Linux (2.19.0)

Olaf Meeuwissen olaf.meeuwissen at avasys.jp
Tue Apr 7 06:51:40 UTC 2009

Dear all,

A new version of Image Scan! has been released[1] while I was away on
vacation for a bit.  Apologies for this belated announcement.

  [1] http://avasys.jp/hp/page000001300/hpg000001281.htm

I will post a diff for `epkowa.desc` separately because the archiver
seems to eat the body of posts with attachments (see e.g. [2]).

  [2] http://lists.alioth.debian.org/pipermail/sane-devel/2009-March/024207.html

Now for the details:

 iscan-2.19.0                                             (2009-03-10)
  * adds support for the following devices:
    - Epson ES-D400 (requires esci-interpreter-gt-s80)
    - Epson GT-S50 (requires esci-interpreter-gt-s80)
    - Epson GT-S80 (requires esci-interpreter-gt-s80)
    - Epson ME Office 700FW

As with previous releases:

 The latest version of Image Scan! for Linux now is (and should remain)
 available directly from the download page for _all_ models, unless we
 know for a fact it will not work for a particular model.  For certain
 models we also provide older, tested versions as a fallback.  This is
 so you can revert in case of bugs that went unnoticed in the latest,
 greatest version.

 # We can't possibly test all the supported models all of the time and
 # still expect to release in a reasonable time frame.  If you happen
 # to find a bug in the latest version, please report it[3].

   [3] https://www.avasys.jp/secure/english/linux_e/support_form.html

With this release we now have the following situation in terms of our
plugin packages:

  compatible with latest iscan (32/64-bit, RPM/DEB)
    ES-D400     GT-S80
    GT-D1000    GT-1500
    GT-F650     Perfection V10
    GT-F670     Perfection V200 Photo
    GT-F700     Perfection V350 Photo
    GT-F720     Perfection V300 Photo
    GT-S600     Perfection V100 Photo
    GT-S620     Perfection V30
    GT-X750     Perfection 4490 Photo
    GT-X770     Perfection V500 Photo

  stuck at iscan-2.10.0 (32-bit RPM only)
    GT-7200U    Perfection 1250, Perfection 1250 Photo
    GT-7300U    Perfection 1260, Perfection 1260 Photo
    GT-9400UF   Perfection 3170 Photo
    GT-F500     Perfection 2480 Photo
    GT-F520     Perfection 3490 Photo
    GT-F550     Perfection 2580 Photo
    GT-F570     Perfection 3590 Photo
    GT-F600     Perfection 4180 Photo
                Stylus CX4300
                Stylus CX4400
                Stylus CX5500
                Stylus CX5600
                Stylus DX4400

Hope this helps,
Olaf Meeuwissen, LPIC-2           FLOSS Engineer -- AVASYS Corporation
FSF Associate Member #1962               Help support software freedom

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