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I've just joined the list so apologies if others have already made the following suggestion

I'm scanning a lot of negatives and have set up a template for batch mode for 35mm negatives.  The trouble is that every time you load a new set of negatives, the frames are always in slightly different possitions.

Suggestion 1: it would be great if when you select a frame in the batch list that movements to the selection area edges were remembered without requiring the extra steps of adding a new batch entry and deleting the old one.

The next issue is that it is rare that all the frames have the same light levels.  The way that I get around this is to set up the template for the frames and save a copy, then remove all except a group that have the same light level, do the bacth scan, reload the saved template, remove the ones just scanned and all bar a second batch etc.  Very time consuming.

Suggestion 2: it would be much better if it was possible to set the brightness, contrast, colour balance etc. for each image in the batch individually and batch scan the lot in one hit.

Suggestion 3: Finally, given that scanning negatives or slides would probably be one of the most common uses for the batch scan, it would be great if there was an "Auto select all frames" next to the "Autoselect scan area".  In the options you could add a choice for whether this option simply found the frames or also auto adjusted brightness, contrast, colour balance etc at the same time.

If this last option existed I could
Load a collection of negatives
Choose "Aquire preview"
Press the new "Auto select frames" (with the light balance option set)
Perhaps make a few minor adjustments to a couple of frames or remove any that I don't want
Batch scan



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