[sane-devel] pushing manufacturers for open sourcing drivers

Gerber van der Graaf gerber.vdgraaf at gmail.com
Sun Dec 6 15:24:53 UTC 2009

I suppose many of Sane users are dedicated to photography. Though in
general I have the impression that communication between software
engineers and photographers might be improved in some aspects. Mainly
due to a lack of knowledge concerning software in general and the
philosophy of FOSS from the photographers side. Therefore I would like
to mention the Photo.net site, which contains forums concerning many
topics on photography. The most active of them are shown at the front

Yesterday one of the forums at the front page was: "Nikon actually
listening to us ?!? -- Survey", 
I took the opportunity of this forum to ask Nikon to provide the source
code of their driver programs and publish the communication protocols
between their devices and computer.

I think manufacturers and their relations are monitoring this site quite
well. So it might be a good idea to push them from this site now and
then in a active way. Also, sometimes it might be a good idea to monitor
and participate this site to advocate Sane and FOSS or to clarify
questions concerning these topics. If this is not done already.

To be clear: I do not have any economic interests or affiliation with

Thanks for your attention, 
Gerber van der Graaf
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