[sane-devel] viceo port for sane 1.0.20

Thomas E. Horner office at t-horner.com
Sat Dec 19 09:52:57 UTC 2009

hi all,
hi allan!

thanks for you answer. maybe i did not make this clear enough:

the interest to port the code to 1.0.20 mainly comes from my wish to  
get my personal scanner to work under ubuntu linux, and at first not  
to add it to the standard sane code.

i have to admit that about the two copyright notices of logitech and  
microsoft that are *in*header*files*only* i do not care too much as i  
guess they won't sue me because of two header files that i personally  

sadly i also have to admit that although of cause i'd like to write a  
new and perfectly working e3/e4 driver from scratch this is out of  
scope from not exactly technical but especially timely constraint.

i'd like to bugfix the driver to work with my scanner.
it would be very nice if i could get a little assistence here, e.g.  
i'd like to learn about the correct way to debug the sane (+ viceo)  


Zitat von "m. allan noah" <kitno455 at gmail.com>:

> wow- half a meg of code with Logitech and Microsoft copyright notices
> all over it, just to support a handful of scanners? I would not touch
> this with a 10 foot pole. Start over, with something small and modern.
> allan
> On Wed, Dec 16, 2009 at 3:56 PM, Thomas E. Horner  
> <office at t-horner.com> wrote:
>> hi *all!
>> i have ported the viceo sane backend from 1.0.18 to 1.0.20 and
>> made the diff available at http://www.t-horner.com/viceo
>> original driver
>> http://viceo.orconhosting.net.nz/
>> sane 1.0.18 backend
>> http://www.g-loaded.eu/2008/01/24/viceo-backend-for-sane-with-libusb-support/
>> now ported to sane 1.0.20
>> http://www.t-horner.com/viceo
>> also, i'm looking for help to get my onetouch 8600 to work
>> with the driver. it's scanline moves to init but then stops.
>> the hardware is ok as the scanner works under windows.
>> it would be nice if i could find some help on this here.
>> merry christmas!
>> br,
>>   thomas horner
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