[sane-devel] viceo port for sane 1.0.20

Leandro Nini drfiemost at email.it
Mon Dec 28 18:47:47 UTC 2009

>hi all,
>hi allan!
>thanks for you answer. maybe i did not make this clear enough:
>the interest to port the code to 1.0.20 mainly comes from my wish to 
>get my personal scanner to work under ubuntu linux, and at first not 
>to add it to the standard sane code.
>i have to admit that about the two copyright notices of logitech and 
>microsoft that are *in*header*files*only* i do not care too much as i 
>guess they won't sue me because of two header files that i personally 
>sadly i also have to admit that although of cause i'd like to write a 
>new and perfectly working e3/e4 driver from scratch this is out of 
>scope from not exactly technical but especially timely constraint.
>i'd like to bugfix the driver to work with my scanner.
>it would be very nice if i could get a little assistence here, e.g. 
>i'd like to learn about the correct way to debug the sane (+ viceo) 

Hi Thomas,

thank you for your effort, even if it's not a clean solution
at least I can now use my LG 600U with Linux!!

There are a couple of issues with the patch though:

* it's missing a space in backend/Makefile.in at line 1509 before the last

+AM_CPPFLAGS = -I. -I$(srcdir) -I$(top_builddir)/include

* it's missing the lut.plg.in file

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