[sane-devel] Driver for See-Through scanner HP46x0

Ille tam.ille at free.fr
Sat Jan 3 15:06:38 UTC 2009


this is just to inform you that I'm trying to get my HP4670 working
with sane.
I'm actually able to detect the scanner, turn the lamp on or off,
switch between Transparent Adaptor or normal lamp, detect if the
carriage is home or not and if not bring it back home (Well, the
easiest part I guess)
Now, I'm trying to understand how the parameters are sent to the
scanner and how to control the motor move.
After that, performing the scan will be quiet easy.

My code is based on the Mustek_usb2 backend, as the onboard chip seems
to be the same one.

If someone is already working on such a driver, please let me know.
If someone like to help, please also let me know.

Oh, and...

Happy New Year everybody!


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