[sane-devel] MP 810

Thomas Mayr thmayr at gmx.de
Sun Jan 4 11:35:09 UTC 2009

Hallo !

I have a problem with my Pixma MP 810 - scanning with 75 DPI works very 
well ,but in higher resolutions i have a colour shifting.
At a Internetsearch i have found an older Solution ,with describes a change in 
the pixma_mp150.c file to fix this.
Unfortunatly the file in the newest CVS-Package of the sane-pixma isn´t so 
much long and i can't find these line:

Could you change line 980 from:

mp->lines_shift =  s->param->ydpi / 100;


mp->lines_shift =  s->param->ydpi / 50;

Can you give me a Solution for this problem ,so i can use my Pixma Scanner 
under Linux ?

Thank You very much.


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