[sane-devel] Choosing a scanner with complete support

Leslie Jensen leslie at eskk.nu
Wed Jul 1 20:52:06 UTC 2009

Hello list!

I've just had a sad experience with the purchase of an Epson Perfection 
4490. I missread the list of scanners and got the 4490 instead of the 
4990 :-(

Well; because I'm using FreeBSD (7.2-RELEASE) the third party driver the 
4490 required was not an option so eventually I sold the 4490 again.

I now need advise on how to choose a scanner with "complete" support. I 
mainly need to scan simple documents and photoes.

The newer Epson models "only" has "good" support and I think I need the 
scanner to have complete support.

Anyone who has good experience with a newer scanner that's still 
availible, the 4990 is not, otherwise I would have bought one.

Thanks for any feedback.


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