[sane-devel] Brother has already provided source code for brother scanner backends, should they go to sane-backends?

Julien BLACHE jb at jblache.org
Sat Jul 4 08:15:23 UTC 2009

Mark Farnell <mark.farnell at gmail.com> wrote:


> Brother has already licensed their brother sane backend code to GPL,
> the backends are known as brscan1, brscan2 and brscan3:

GPL isn't enough, we need GPL + SANE exception.

> brscan and brscan2 code:
> http://www.brother.com/cgi-bin/agreement/agreement.cgi?dlfile=http://solutions.brother.com/Library/sol/printer/linux/rpmfiles/sane_source/brscan-src-0.2.4.tar.gz&lang=English_source

What a joke. This license agreement is not the GPL, in case you hadn't
noticed. The tarball contains binary-only crap that's supposed to be
released under the LGPL, except releasing only the final shared
library doesn't even begin to satisfy the LGPL.

That's a FAIL.

> brscan3 code:
> http://www.brother.com/cgi-bin/agreement/agreement.cgi?dlfile=http://solutions.brother.com/Library/sol/printer/linux/dlf/brscan3-src-0.2.6-1.tar.gz&lang=English_gpl

The situation is exactly the same for this one, except the online
license agreement is the GPL. Misleading at best.

FAIL, too.

> Would we be able to incorporate these backends into sane-backends?

Obviously not.


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